Oct. 12 , 2005

tiffany-hello! got the invitations and I love them! thank you so much napaka dainty nila, in fact yung sister nung friend ni Laila na nagdala was so impress by them na sinulat niya yung website mo so they are going to visit your website----I am sure everybody na makakatanggap will love them. thanks!!

South Temecula, USA

Oct. 9 , 2005

Hi!  Thank you for rushing everything.  My guests enjoyed their party favors and luncheon event.  And the whole reunion which was an unprecedented success in attendance, in fundraising and in every single detail.  I think we hit the whole school and town like a massive hurricane.

Elaine Fernando
STA Reunion, Bacolod, Philippines

Sept. 27, 2005

I received your invitations and they are exquisite!  I would like to thank you very much for taking so much care in making them.  Mabuhay and Pinoy!  Please add me to the testimonials on your website.  You do excellent work! More power!

Nicole Tigno
Washington DC