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Metal Wire Square Case Invitation:

Metal square Case invite are premium paper borad invitation house in a hand crafted metal square casing. The square casing are make form metal wire and hand crafted by experience artists to form elegant design. Each casing come with free hand crafted 2 personal initials on it.

Size of the Metal Casing are 6" x 6" with 2 to 3 folded invitation inside.

Our generic Metal CD Case Invitation comes with the following:

     - Hand crafted 6" x 6" Metal wire casing
     - Gold or Silver color casing
     - 2 folded 3 pages invitation
     - Imported premium paper with digital printed invitation.
     - ribbons at the center
     - personal initials will be placed on the cover
     - name tag.

The Metal Casing invitation need no envelope to cover it's beautiful design, you just personally hand it to your guests with they name wirten on the guest tag.

You may have the options to modify and personalize your MWCD invitation like:

    - Butterfly on Casing
    - Pictures or Background image
    - Additional pages
    - Gold / Silver Stamping or Emboss Printing
    - RSVP card with retune address printed envelope
    - Organza pouch / Acetate box
    - Mailing Envelope
    - Customize size of the casing
    - CD Pocket

Please follow links below to explore more style and color combination of our Metal CD Case invite that will match your motif. We will personalize each invite to your theme and closest color that are avialalbe.

    - METAL CD - MWCD Product Pictures

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